The Baring Trust needs your support to:

  • Conserve and enhance The Baring Hall Hotel in its central role as a community asset.
  • Realise the vision of The Railway Children Urban National Park.
  • Conserve and connect the plots of land needed for the Railway Children Urban National Park and continue to lobby government for the various levels of designation needed to protect this natural parkland and areas of nature conservation importance for future generations.
  • Conserve, promote and enhance cultural, built and natural heritage to improve Grove Park.

The Trust’s work all contributes towards creating a Healthy Neighbourhood.


All proceeds are used to help the Trust continue its project work to conserve and enhance local built and natural heritage assets important to the local community, including the Baring Hall Hotel, the Bauhaus-inspired Grove Park Youth Club, The Ringway Center, E. Nesbit Woodland Gardens, and towards making the Railway Children Urban National Park Vision a reality.

Proceeds also go towards running the Trust’s outdoor adventure learning program with local schools as well as to help conserve and enhance the local land, rivers and flora and fauna used as part of our education programme.

All help, big and small is welcome. Details of how you can donate are available on our Local Giving Donate page.