Running alongside the Trust’s heritage advocacy work is a bespoke adventure learning, outdoor education programme which is offered to local schools and young carers. The programme is designed to immerse children in nature while learning about topics from the wider school curriculum in an outdoor setting, including maths, geography, ecology, hydrology, art, wildlife recording and orienteering.

The programme also incorporates the local area’s rich cultural literary history and through story-telling, reading and acting out scenes from favourite stories by local authors (including The Railway Children by E. Nesbit), the children get to appreciate the landscape context of these stories and the many benefits of natural heritage assets on their doorsteps.

This instills a sense of pride, belonging and ownership to ensure they become active in wanting to protect such spaces for future generations to come. The activities also engender team and confidence building.

The Baring Trust has partnered with organisations such as Intrepid Explorers which connects university field researchers with outreach programmes such as ours, to share their experiences, skills and learning from their studies; in effect young people inspiring young people to support and advance earth sciences.

The Baring Trust is currently working with The Butterfly Conservation Trust to deliver a number of workshops with local school children and young carers to learn about the importance of butterflies and moths.

The Baring Trust has also delivered team-building corporate away-days.

In January 2020, we formalised the outdoor learning programme as Wild Rangers.